The Legal Process Following A Car Accident

If you were involved in a car accident, you may be finding yourself injured and feeling lost in the process of dealing with the insurance companies and getting compensated for your damages. The legal process for recovering financially and getting a fair settlement from the insurance companies can be difficult without representation from a Utah Personal Injury Attorney. This post is written to provide a brief overview of what you can expect in the process of pursuing a legal claim against a negligent party and their insurance providers.

Initial Due Diligence

The first thing to do after being injured is to hire a Salt Lake Injury Lawyer. Your attorney will do the initial investigation into your case, acquire all of the relevant evidence, your medical records, police reports, etc. Also, any initial research into your claims should be done early to determine what the value of your injuries are and what similar injuries have been awarded by juries or settled on.

Settlement Negotiations

After doing the initial research and investigation into your claims, your attorney will likely make a demand for settlement on the insurance company. Settlement negotiations at this point are often successful in cases where liability is very clear. If the other driver of the accident is clearly at fault, there is no reason why your case shouldn’t settle early in the process unless there are unique circumstances regarding damages or the insurance company is just being difficult.

Commencing  a Lawsuit

Where a settlement cannot be reached, a lawsuit will be filed and litigation will be commenced. the majority of cases settle at some point after the initial complaint and law suit is filed. It is absolutely vital to have a lawyer if your case has not settled. There are time limits upon which a law suite must be filed so you should never delay in speaking with a lawyer.

Contingency Fees

We represent injured victims on a contingency fee basis. This means you pay us nothing unless we win for you. For more information from a Salt Lake City Utah Personal Injury Attorney, call us right now and we can usually tell you right over the phone whether or not you have a case.

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