The Importance of an Expert Witness in a Utah Personal Injury Case

An expert witness in a personal injury case is key to achieving the desired outcome. An expert witness can be defined as someone who possesses a greater knowledge of a particular subject than that of the average individual. When confronted with a personal injury case, some expert witnesses would include medical doctors or other medical professional, toxicologists, pharmaceutical scientists, product experts, and others.  Expert witnesses are also crucial in a personal injury cases involving a motor vehicle accident. In such cases you may need an expert in accident reconstruction.

Expert Witnesses Help Your Cause

The goal of a motor vehicle injury case is to win financial reward or compensation so that you can pay your medical bills and take care of your future treatment. In order to achieve this goal you must have supportive evidence of your claim. Evidence can be legitimized by expert witnesses of the accident. Expert witnesses are required to tell the court about the scientific evidence that was present in the event. Of course in some cases the plaintiff or some other nonscientific witness can introduce scientific or medical evidence, but more often than not the evidence is introduced by an expert witness.  In personal injury litigation the court must rule on the admissibility of scientific and medical evidence, so it would be impossible to win the case without an expert witness to present medical and scientific testimony.

Most often witnesses are limited to certain facts within their testimony; the time, how many people were involved, and the color of the car. When an attorney wants to introduce facts and opinions that are in reference to the client’s medical condition, expert witness testimonies will need to be given by healthcare providers. These healthcare providers must express to the court what the physical conditions and injuries the victim displayed because of the accident. Questions concerning the medical care of the victim may include: Will the victim need additional medical care? How did the seat belt affect the victim in the accident? How long will the conditions need to be treated? Etc.

Salcido Law Firm Can Help You Recover

The Utah car accident and Utah Personal Injury Attorneys at the law office of Salcido Law Firm PLLC have access to excellent expert witnesses who are able to present scientific and medical testimony in a way that judge and jury can easily understand.

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