The American Dream

Home Ownership Still Important

According to a recent New York Times poll 9 out of 10 people still believe that owning a home is an important part of the American Dream. Even though Americans still have the same ideas about the dream, they still realize that its just a dream right now. The same poll mentioned above also found that nearly half of the Americans interviewed believed that buying a home is risky right now and almost 3/4 said that there were better investments to be had.

A New Era of Home Ownership?

With the ups and downs of the housing market a lot of people now believe that the process of owning a home needs to change. This doesn’t necessarily mean that only those with money will get to own homes, but it does mean that home owners will need to be much more responsible than they have been in the past. One way of being responsible is making sure that we don’t take on too much debt. Unfortunately for most people hindsight is 20/20 and it is all too clear now that they shouldn’t have taken on the amount of debt that they have. If its too late for you to not go into too much debt there are still options for your. One such option is bankruptcy. Declaring bankruptcy could help you deal with your debt problems while possibly saving your house. If you are concerned about your financial situation and have thought about bankruptcy as an option, then call a Utah Bankruptcy Attorney to help you decide what is best for you.

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