Small Business Legal Counsel for Utah Companies

Business Attorney

Part of running a business is ensuring that you comply with the many city, county, state, and federal regulations and laws that relate to your specific business.  The government is needlessly involved with every business and can make it extremely difficult for you to make a living and run your business profitably.  Fortunately, we are experienced business attorneys who work hard to ensure our clients are protected in running their businesses.  Having a lawyer who you can contact at anytime for any reason will make your job easier and make the difficulty of running a company decrease.

Advising Start-Ups

New businesses are starting up all the time and as you may know most start-ups will go out of business within just a couple of years after they begin. Many of the start-ups that go out of business quickly make mistakes which can be avoided if the company has appropriate legal counsel from the beginning. Start-ups do not need a business attorney to just form the company and put together legal documents.  A good business attorney does much more than draft documents.  Our business lawyers provide counsel in all avenues of running your business.  We can help you avoid many common pitfalls as you get your business going.

Counselors for Family Companies

Most small businesses in this country are owned by families. Parents and children alike work for the family business.  They work long hard hours to try to build something long lasting that they can pass on to the next generation.  Salcido Law Firm will take care of your family business needs.  From protecting you from liability through forming the appropriate business entity to giving you legal counsel on contracts, purchases, and expansion, we will cover any legal need you have for your company.

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