Several Accidents Over 4th of July Weekend

The 4th of July is one of those holiday weekends that unfortunately and inevitably results in many accidents. This past 4th of July weekend was no exception. Since so many people are out enjoying the hot weather on the lake, in the mountains, and on the roads, it is no big surprise that so many accidents tend to occur during this time of year. Over the weekend several accidents and unfortunate deaths occurred across the state.

I-15 Deadly Crash

In Northern Utah, near the border by Tremonton, a woman died in a horrible car accident on I-15. Witnesses stated she crossed lanes of traffic and appeared to be attempting to turn left towards the median turn through. Her vehicle was broadsided by a large Ford truck. IT is never advised to try turning through the median on the freeway. We caution everyone to drive safe on the freeways and not attempt to make u turns.

Sand Hollow Drowning

In Southern Utah, a swimmer at the Sand Hollow reservoir drowned. The man’s name was not immediately released but authorities said boaters saw him struggling in the water and picked him up but he went unconscious and was rushed to Dixie Regional Medical Center in St. George where he was later pronounced dead. Earlier in the year, a Dixie State University student also drowned at Sand Hollow about 200 yards from shore. Swimming in Sand Hollow is not advised unless you are with other individuals and you swim within your limits and close to shore.

Child Injured on Utah Lake

On Friday an 11 year old boy was rushed to the hospital after a boating accident on Utah Lake. The child reportedly suffered serious gashes to his legs from a boat propeller. The boy was transported to American Fork Hospital. Boats should always kill the motor if passengers are getting into the water

Hikers Found Dead in Heat

In a popular hiking area known as “the wave” in Kane County, two older hikers were found dead. Extreme heat in the area may have been the cause. 1 of the hikers was found dead under a tree probably seeking shade in the unusually high temperatures. The other hiker, her male counterpart was found a short distance away probably setting out to find help. Hiking in extreme heat is not advised and hikers should be sure to always carry enough water.

Be Careful, Be Safe

As usually, we caution everyone throughout the state whether hiking, boating, swimming, driving, or taking on any other summer activity to be care and be safe. Most accidents can be avoided if reasonable care is taken.

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