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Speaking to a Salt Lake County Criminal Defense Attorney at our law firm is the first step to getting your DUI, drug charge, domestic violence, or other charges resolved in a timely and reasonable manner. As you might guess, there are hundreds of criminal charges filed in Salt Lake County every week, so you are certainly not alone if you have a case here in the valley that needs to be resolved. There are many justice courts in the Salt Lake Valley and they all have their own way of doing things to a certain degree, you need a lawyer who understands the specific court rules in which your case is located. The district courts are located in West Jordan and Salt Lake City and handle the more serious types of crimes from class A misdemeanors to 1st degree felonies. Whatever you have been charged with, you need a lawyer to help ensure your rights are protected and you get the best possible resolution to your case. If you have been charged, do not wait, the best thing you can do is speak with a criminal defense lawyer in Salt Lake at Salcido Law Firm today.

Salt Lake County Justice Courts

While the Salt Lake County has its own justice court, so do most of the individual cities in the county as well. Justice court is where the infractions, class C, and class B misdiagnoses are charged. This means if you are charged with a DUI, marijuana possession or paraphernalia, domestic violence, retail theft, assault, disorderly conduct, traffic citations, or similar offenses, you will likely find yourself in a justice court. You may also find yourself in a legal situation you know nothing about. That is where we come in, we give you peace of mind and take most of th stress off. We worry about your case so you don’t have to. That is why at a minimum you should speak with a Utah DUI lawyer before ever going to court.

Salt Lake County District Courts

The district courts in Salt Lake County are where serious crimes are charged including felonies and Class A misdemeanors. If you have been charged with aggravated assault, burglary, arson, murder, rape, drug distribution, or other serious offenses, you will likely be charged in District Court and could be facing 1 year or far more in jail or prison. Nobody in district court should ever be without a lawyer, the consequences and risks are far to high. Call and speak with an attorney at Salcido Law Firm now.

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