Recovery in Personal Injury Cases

Determining the Potential for Recovery for Personal Injury

There is an all too prevalent unfortunate circumstance which pops up in personal injury matters throughout Utah: in many instances there is no possibility for recovery.  This most often happens when the negligent party, that is, the person who caused the injury, has no assets and no insurance.  Take for example a car accident in which neither party has insurance and no assets.  In such a situation the injured party would have no recovery for his injuries because the person who caused the accident couldn’t pay and the injured party would have no uninsured motorist coverage.

Your Utah Lawyer Must Find Out the Probability of Recovery

One of the first things a good Utah Personal Injury Attorneys must do even before taking a case is to determine how likely it will be that the tortfeasor (the person causing the injury) will be able to satisfy a judgment against him.  The attorney must do his due diligence to find out if the negligent party has insurance and if he has no insurance, whether he has assets such as property that can be sold or cash to pay any judgment obtained.  This must be one of the first things that your injury attorney should do.

What if There is No Insurance and No Assets?

Unfortunately, if the negligent party has no insurance and no assets there isn’t much you can do.  A good lawyer, however, will make sure to verify that the negligent party is not hiding assets.  This happens more often than you would think.  If the research still reveals that there are no assets and no insurance then that is a very difficult situation in which you are left to deal with the consequences of someone’s bad conduct through no fault of your own.

Let Us Help You Determine the Likelihood of Recovery

We are experienced personal injury lawyers.  We know how to track down assets and work with insurance companies to that you are not left to foot the medical and other bills for an injury you did not cause.  Call us for a free personal injury consultation.  801.413.1753.  You can also email us.

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