Utah Wrongful Death Attorney

Why Hire a Utah Wrongful Death Attorney?

Sometimes negligence can result in the death of a loved one.  The spouse and dependent children of someone who has died as the result of the negligence of another are entitled to damages for the loss of their loved one including the loss of earnings and loss of companionship of the father or mother who died. Consult with a Utah wrongful death attorney at our firm for a free consultation to find out how we can help you.

Utah Wrongful Death Attorney
Wrongful death suits must be brought within two years, so act quickly.

Lawsuits of this nature are referred to as “wrongful death” lawsuits and are independent of a personal injury lawsuit.  For example, a person who was severely injured by a toxic chemical such as benzene, a natural element such as asbestos, or even someone who was severely injured in a car accident, has personal claims for the injuries he sustained and can recover all of his damages from he who caused the damages.  If the injuries then subsequently result in the injured victim’s death, his dependents and spouse have a “wrongful death” claim against those who caused the injuries.

Wrongful death lawsuits do not have to follow personal injury lawsuits.  Such suits are also appropriate where an individual was killed in a car accident, an accident that occurred on the premises of a job site, and most other accidents that result in death and that are not covered by other areas of the law such as workers’ compensation.

Salcido Law Firm can help you recover for your loved one’s loss

Contact an experienced Utah wrongful death attorney at Salcido Law Firm. We have handled numerous wrongful death lawsuits and can help you recover the damages to which you are entitled.  If you have experienced the loss of a loved one due to another driver’s actions, a defective product, or someone’s negligent acts, call us at 888.337.3235 or 801.413.1753, email us or fill out the form on the right.  We can help and the sooner you call the sooner we will help you get through this difficult time. Additionally, there are short time period in which you have to file a wrongful death suit.