Utah Surgery Malpractice Lawyer

A Utah Surgery Malpractice Lawyer May Help

Utah Surgery Malpractice Lawyer
Negligence during a surgery can be life threatening.

Surgery is either a preventative measure when nothing else can be done, such as with an appendectomy or a knee replacement. Or surgery is a last chance opportunity for recovery like with bypass surgery or back surgery. Either way when a patient requires a surgical procedure they and their loved ones are typically informed about the risks associated with the procedure. Even though patients are informed of the risks of the anesthesia, adverse reactions, blood clots, infection and other typical risks of every surgery, most patients do not anticipate any surgical errors, and when such errors occur a Utah surgery malpractice lawyer should be called.

Patients have this outlook because they trust their medical professionals to be competent and experienced in performing the procedure without committing any errors. Unfortunately, in spite of the extensive surgical training that most surgeons must undergo, surgical errors are not as uncommon as the average patient expects. Thousands of patients are injured during these types of procedures due to medical negligence every year, which is why a Utah surgery malpractice lawyer should be consulted if you are having to deal with the harm that results from such negligence.

Causes of Surgical Errors

Surgeries are often very complicated even in the most routine and common procedures. Due to their complexity errors can occur at many stages of the procedure, some before the actual procedure takes place.  Poor pre-operative planning can lead to errors in medication, anesthesia dosage or even the wrong procedure. Most errors occur during the procedure itself with incorrect incisions, unsterile equipment, or nerve damage. Errors can also occur during the post-operative stage where substandard care by hospital staff can lead the surgical area to become infected which can lead to many life threatening consequences. Surgery is a serious medical procedure where many dangers can effect the patient. Patients should be able to expect their health care providers to take the utmost care when they put their life in their hands, and if they don’t they should have recourse through the efforts of a Utah surgery malpractice lawyer

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