Utah Slip and Fall Lawyer

For a Serious Injury, call a Utah Slip and Fall Lawyer

Most of us do not expect to be injured when doing something as simple as walking into a store or walking down a flight of stairs. However, we all have at one time or another tripped, slipped, or fallen somewhere we did not expect. In most instances a trip, slip, or fall results only in a bruised ego or perhaps minor injuries. However, sometimes Utah residents are seriously injured after tripping, slipping, or falling as result of negligence on the part of another.  In those cases you should call a Utah slip and fall lawyer at Salcido Law Firm.

Utah Slip and Fall Lawyer
For a serious injury, call a Utah slip and fall lawyer at Salcido Law Firm.

If you have suffered a serious injury from slip and fall, and another individual’s negligence was the cause, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Our attorneys can tell you whether or not you have a case.

Premises Liability Law

Utah premises liability law governs slip and fall accidents in Utah. Business owners, landowners, landlords, and several others may be liable to you for injuries you sustained due to an unsafe or dangerous condition on another’s property.

Utah has also passed a law that limits the liability of certain landowners.  Our experienced litigators know how and when these important defenses apply. Landowners have a duty to keep their premises safe, but that is not an indefinite duty. A landowner could be acting with as much caution as possible and in some of those situations the landowner could still be held liable for the injuries.

To find out if you have a case, contact one a Utah slip and fall lawyer at our firm today. We can usually tell you right over the phone if you have a case or not. We can also provide you with advisement on the specifics of Utah law with regard to premises liability. Call us today and schedule a FREE consultation.

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