Utah Pharmaceutical Injury Attorney

A Utah Pharmaceutical Injury Attorney Can Help

Utah Pharmaceutical Injury Attorney
Some pharmaceuticals can cause injuries.

Individuals who get injured from harmful drugs and other medical errors may need a Utah pharmaceutical injury attorney. You can consult with one for free by calling us at 801.413.1753.

Medication Errors

One of the great advantages of modern medicine is the advent of complex and specific medications in order to aid people recovering from illness and disease. Often we seek medical attention to receive medication in order to feel better and live longer and fuller lives. Although these medications and drugs are helpful, the vast amounts of them and different dosages can lead to mistakes that can often harm patients as much as they help them. Recent studies show that there are more than one million medication errors every year in U.S. Hospitals. Medication errors occur for many reasons, but some of the most common are illegible handwritten prescriptions, overlooked drug interactions, patient allergies and simple decimal point errors. Patients who are the victims of a medication error often have serious side effects and injuries which compound upon those for which they initially received treatment. Medication errors often extend hospital stays and sometimes can even result in death. In the event that you or someone you love has been injured by a medication error you should call a Utah pharmaceutical injury attorney at our firm to discuss your options.

If a medication error is committed by a hospital through the negligence of a doctor, nurse, pharmacist or other medical professional the victim has a right to receive reasonable compensation for the injuries they sustain as a result. Due to the large amount of medication given annually and the great amount of new drugs designed to treat various illnesses appear every year, most medication errors are a result of human carelessness or negligence.

Sometimes the human carelessness creating a medication error is performed by the patient. The patient neglects to notify the doctor of life habits, allergies or other prescriptions the patient is currently taking. This can lead to the patients own injury. Remember when going to the doctor to write down all medications and dosages you are currently taking as well as any known drug allergies to avoid these types of common errors.

Harmful Pharmaceuticals

Like any product manufacturer, pharmaceutical companies provide a needed supply of highly demanded goods.  Prescription drugs and other pharmaceutical products have helped relieve pain and suffering for many people and have helped cure dangerous diseases and saved many lives. Unfortunately, there are many pharmaceutical products which do not provide the anticipated results and even severely injure the person taking them. Nearly everyone has heard of the problems that arose with Vioxx for example and the many people who were injured from that product. In those cases a Utah pharmaceutical injury attorney should be consulted to determine what can be done legally.

The problem is, it can happen to anyone, because nearly everyone, in one form or another, is taking some type of prescription drug.  While most pharmaceuticals do not have any obvious harmful effects there are many that do.  Some of those include and have included:

Gadolinium (MRI Dye)
HRT-Hormone Replacement Therapy
Ortho Evra
ReNu Recall
Tobacco Litigation

Pharmaceutical companies have to work through the Food and Drug Administration to gain approval for their drugs.  Once a drug has been approved, the pharmaceutical company hash to continue to report to the FDA regarding the performance of the drug.  Although the FDA holds pharmaceutical companies to meet certain criteria before a new drug can go on the market, this does not mean that the drugs are defect free.  If a pharmaceutical company discovers a defect, such as a harmful side effect that was not previously known, the pharmaceutical company has a duty to notify the FDA and provide warnings to physicians and others in the health care industry who prescribe the drug.  If the pharmaceutical company fails to provide the appropriate warnings or if it fails to notify the FDA of the defects, then those consumers who have been injured by the defective drugs may have recourse against the pharmaceutical company including being entitled to compensation for the damages caused. To find out if you have such a claim you can contact a Utah pharmaceutical injury attorney at our firm anytime.

Salcido Law Firm Will Take On Big Pharma for You

There is no reason why a drug, which you took to feel better and which was probably prescribed by a health care professional, should harm you.  Pharmaceutical companies should be held liable for the injuries their products cause.  A Utah pharmaceutical injury attorney at Salcido Law Firm will take on Big Pharma to protect your rights.  Get Protected! today by calling us at 801.413.1753 or 888.337.3235 or email us to find out how we can protect you.