Utah Nursing Malpractice

A Utah Nursing Malpractice Case Requires Competent Counsel

Utah Nursing Malpractice
Malpractice by nurses occurs when the nurse does not abide by the applicable standard of care.

Nurses are a valuable resource for any medical care facility. Nurses are over worked in many of today’s hospitals and are often forced to work long shifts in order to compensate for the lack of nurses on staff at hospitals. In recent times with everyone trying to cut costs many hospitals are cutting back by hiring fewer registered nurses and instead hire “nursing aids.” Often these nursing aids have little medical experience and can not treat patients with the same skills and knowledge as a registered nurse. Nursing errors have been steadily increasing over the last decade as hospitals cut back and nurses are forced to work tired with no relief. Patients are the ones who pay the price when the errors are committed due to the understaffed hospitals. Over the last decade there have been at least 2,000 deaths and 10,000 injuries due to nursing errors but many could go unreported. Contact an experienced Utah nursing malpractice attorney at Salcido Law Firm who understands these problems and how to help victims.

Common Types of Nursing Errors

Salcido Law Firm can protect victims rights to the claims they reasonably should expect for any of the following Utah nursing malpractice acts.

• Failure to respond to critical warning alarms

• Improper administration of medication

• Lack of or improper training for the duties performed

• Miscommunication between medical staff and professionals

• Patient mix ups

• Wrongful use of a medical device

Studies show that nurses are interrupted in their work on an average of six times per hour. With the long hours and constant interruptions nursing errors are leaving patients without the proper care they should be able to expect from a medical facility.

If you have any questions about a recent hospital stay or procedure where you believe Utah nursing malpractice occurred to either to you or someone you love contact an experienced medical malpractice attorney at Salcido Law Firm today. Our attorney will vigorously represent you so that you may reasonable recover for your injuries caused by a nursing error.

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