Utah Erbs Palsy Lawyer

Whe You May Need a Utah Erbs Palsy Lawyer

What is Erbs Palsy?

Utah Erbs Palsy Lawyer
Erbs palsy can result from the negligence of a delivery doctor.

Parents rejoice as their child is born and they are able to take their new child home. However, sometimes that joy is limited when the baby begins to show signs that something is wrong. Erbs Palsy is a condition that results from an injury to the nerves that control the muscles in the shoulder, arms or hand. In severe cases it can effect all three in one arm. There are times when a Utah Erbs Palsy lawyer should be consulted to determine if negligence occurred.

These nerves (known as The Brachial Plexus) conduct signals from the spine to the arm and down through the fingers. When these nerves are damaged the victim can have limited movement or feeling in their arm and might even be paralyzed. The victims specific injuries are dependent on which nerves were injured and how severe those injuries were. If the injuries are not too severe there is some hope for recovery as the child grows, but in the most severe cases there can be no potential for recovery without costly and sometimes ineffective surgery.

How does it Occur?

Erbs Palsy can occur at any time, but in most cases the injury occurs during the birthing process. During birth the child’s arm can become caught in the birth canal injuring the nerves through compression, tearing or stretching. Children larger at birth have an increased rick of developing Erbs Palsy becuase they have a greater chance of getting caught. About one or two babies in one thousand are effected by this injury and in some of those cases a Utah Erbs Palsy lawyer should be contacted.

Natural Or Negligence?

Erbs Palsy can occur naturally in the birthing process, especially in larger children, but sometimes it does not. In some cases negligence on behalf of the birth medical staff can cause the injury, or make the injury worse than it should have been.

If your child has been effected by this type of injury and you suspect there might have been negligence by the medical staff contact the law office of Salcido Law Firm today to speak with a Utah Erbs Palsy lawyer. Our experienced attorneys will help you in getting answers about why your child was injured and if negligence by the medical staff was a contributing factor. This will allow your family to find a reasonable recovery for the injuries so you can focus on helping your child physically recover.