Utah Electrocution Injury Lawyer

Recover what you Deserve through a Utah Electrocution Injury Lawyer

Utah Electrocution Injury Lawyer
Most electrocution injuries can be prevented, but sometimes the negligence of the power company or property owner can cause injuries.

Because of our modern day technology electricity is a necessity but negligence in relation to electricity may force the unwanted hiring of a Utah electrocution injury lawyer.

Electricity is useful and needed; however, accidents relating with electricity can cause serious injuries. When an electric current passes through the body it results in an electric shock. An electric current is understood as a flow electrons which are microscopic particles running through wires and electrical appliances. There are certain elements or conductors, which allow electricity to run easily through them. The most common conductors that are often warned against are metal and water.  The body is also a wonderful conductor which makes the body more susceptible to electric shock.

There are many factors that relate to electric shock. Some of these factors include the currents voltage, the current amount, a direct current or alternating current, the currents path through the body, the body’s resistance, and the length of time the body and electrical current remain in contact. These factors can be very minor and only cause a mild tingling sensation within the body, or they can be extremely severe and cause death. If you have been electrocuted because of someone’s negligent acts, call a Utah electrocution injury lawyer at Salcido Law Firm today.

How Electric Shock Affects the Brain

The body’s brain, spinal cord and nerves (nervous system) are extremely sensitive and vulnerable to electric shock injuries. The most common damages as a result of electric shock are neurological problems. Depending on the factors listed above, neurological damage can be minor and heal on its own or with medical help, or damages can be severe and permanent.  The respiratory and cardiovascular systems are also very vulnerable to electrical shock. A strong current can paralyze the systems and cause instant death. Electrical shock can also cause serious blood clots. Water constitutes a great amount of our body and organs. Because water is a good conductor, vital organs are instantly affected by electrical shock.

There are federal and state codes that regulate the proper use and development of electricity in private and public buildings. Most accidents involving electricity have a preventable solution and require the following of basic safety precautions.

Salcido Law Firm Represents Electrocution Victims

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