Utah Construction Accident Attorney

Why Would you Need a Utah Construction Accident Attorney?

Construction workers in Utah are exposed to some of the most dangerous work conditions of any employees in any industry. A construction accident injury may often be the result of an error in judgment, faulty machinery or tools, falls from unsafe structures, falling materials, or not abiding by applicable construction laws. Other accident injuries on the job may include electrocution or burns.

At Salcido Law Firm, we are dedicated to your legal representation for an injury on the job. Our Utah construction accident lawyers and personal injury attorneys understand the unique difficulties you face.

Utah Construction Accident Attorney
If construction sites are not planned well, innocent people can end up getting hurt.

Construction Injury Law

Under Utah law there is a no fault workers compensation system which in most cases prevents injured workers from bringing a claim directly against an employer. Often there is an employee or other third party responsible for the injury other than or even in addition to the injured person’s employer. In these instances, there may be additional claims that are not subject to the workers compensation provisions of Utah workers compensation laws and may lead to a higher recovery.

The construction accident attorneys at SLF are well prepared to take your case all the way to court if necessary to ensure that you receive the most favorable outcome and resolution to your claims. We will focus on your case while you focus on getting healthy and getting back to work.

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