Recreational Injuries

Recreational Injuries Can Be Caused by Improperly Maintained Property

Recreational injuries in Utah
Risk of injury is inherent in recreational activities but sometimes they occur because someone else messed up.

We all like to have fun in our own ways. Everyone has a different activity they prefer t do in their free time, some like to ski, hike or even skydive. Yet no matter what that recreational activity is there is some danger of an accident occurring that is not your fault. All accidents are tragic when they come while we are trying to have fun doing something we like. Sometimes these mistakes are not our own but through the negligence of another who we are participating with whether it be a company we hire, an acquaintance who shares our interest or sometimes even friends. Other times the accident occurs because of improper or unkept equipment.

A victim of an accident has rights to recover for their recreational injuries when accidents occur from someone else’s careless or reckless behavior. Often these claims go disregarded because it is unclear what made the accident occur or the person at fault does not wish to accept responsibility. This is when an experienced personal injury attorney like those at Salcido Law Firm can help the victim to find relief and recover the compensation he deserves.

Common Causes of Recreational Injuries

One common cause of a recreational accident is the equipment being used is either improper or in disrepair. Often the more expensive equipment like a parachute for skydiving or a four-wheeler is rented from a company. In these cases  the equipment might not be effective for the activity chosen, or the accident could have occurred because the equipment was not in proper repair.

Another common cause is through the negligence or recklessness of those joining you in an activity. Whether it be fellow skiers or off-roaders, if you are injured because they stopped paying attention or were not trained to do what they are doing then you will have a claim against them.

Seek Out Help

A law suit, especially among friends is a difficult and hard situation. The attorneys at Salcido Law Firm are cautious in their actions while still being a good advocate on your behalf. If you or someone you love need help to solve a messy situation surrounding recreational injuries, contact us to help solve the problem.  Call us at 801.413.1753 or email us to find out how we can help you.