Reckless Driving Accident

A Reckless Driving Accident Can Lead to Civil and Criminal Penalties

Reckless Driving Accident
A reckless driving accident can cause some real life lasting injuries.

Sometimes drivers treat their car and the public roads like their own personal race track, but that can cause serious injury to other drivers and pedestrians.  These drivers would say that they are just having a good time and trying to spice up their driving. However, these drivers put at risk all who are driving on the roadways with them. Other drivers who are traveling wish to cover large amounts of space in a little time and travel at very high and dangerous speeds where cars offer less control. At very high speeds each decision drivers make can mean life or death for those traveling in their car or near them on the roadways.

Reckless driving drastically increases the chance of an accident and usually the injuries sustained by all involved are much worse then your usual fender bender. Victims in a reckless driving accident face serious injuries and often take a long time to recover if they are able to recover at all. Victims of these car accidents have a claim against the reckless driver who caused it. The car accident attorneys at the law firm of Salcido Law Firm represent many victims of car accidents and can help victims of reckless driving accidents get the reasonable recovery they are entitled to receive.

Defensive Driving Around Reckless Drivers

To lessen the risk of being a victim of a reckless driver drive defensively around those who seem to be driving far over the speed limit. Beware of a quick lane changes or sudden bursts of speed that in normal circumstances other drivers would not perform. Weaving in and out of lanes can be a major cause of reckless driving accidents and if you as a driver are aware of your surroundings you can avoid reckless drivers in some cases.  If defensive driving is not enough and a reckless driver loses control of their car there is little the victims can do.

If you or someone you care for has been a victim in a reckless driving accident contact the attorneys at Salcido Law Firm as soon as possible. Your claims have a limited life and must be acted on with speed to ensure a reasonable recovery. Through vigorous representation we can help you recover for your injuries.  Call us anytime at 801.413.1753 or by email.