Defective Seat Belt Lawyer

Defective Seat Belt Lawyer

Defective Seat Belt Lawyer
Sometimes seat belts can have a manufacturing defect and cause injury.

Thanks to the political campaign of “Click It or Ticket” the use of seat belts while driving has greatly increased over the past few years, but still there is a great need for a defective seat belt lawyer in every case where injury results from bad seat belts. This campaign advertised that law enforcement would be looking for those not wearing seat belts with greater force. A 3.7 million dollar campaign and threat was all it took to motivate drivers to start clicking. It is nationally recognized that seat belts prevent great damage and injury in an automobile crash but what good is a seat belt if it is defective?

Types of Defects in Seat Belts

Some seat belt designs are more reliable than others, but even still something can go amiss. Unlatching of a seat belt can occur during a collision when the inertial force causes the lock of a seat belt to unlatch. When this occurs the lock pulls out of the buckle of the belt and leaves the driver or passenger(s) vulnerable to further injury. Some seat belts may not restrain individuals in the car properly because of improper or poor manufacturing. Some manufacturers warn against seat belts that do not include the “lock-for-the-latch” feature because they are more susceptible to inertial force and unlatching. For all of these injuries you should call a defective seat belt lawyer.

Another defect that is common in seat belts is what some call false latching. False latching is when the buckle looks like it is latched, but is not. This can cause occupants of a vehicle to be thrown from the car even when wearing a seat belt. False latch of a belt buckle cannot even hold against a small tug of the belt. Many preventable and unnecessary injuries in car accidents are due to a defective seat belt. Recalls on some vehicle models have been made because of faulty seat belts.

Injured? Call Salcido Law Firm

Most would agree that the increase of the use of seat belts is a good thing; however it is not good that many of those seat belts being used have a possibility of being defective. If you believe that you have a claim, let an experienced defective seat belt lawyer at Salcido Law Firm help you recover for the injuries you have sustained.