Commercial Vehicle Accidents

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Commercial Vehicle Accidents
Commercial vehicles include trains, planes, buses, and business owned motor vehicles.

Sometimes when we travel we prefer to have others take us to our destination so that we can enjoy the travel process. Whether by plane, train, bus or boat, traveling by a commercial carrier we are able to leave the traveling to the professionals so that we may focus on our destination. However sometimes there are commercial vehicle accidents which harm the passengers. Often these occur through the negligence of an employee of the commercial carrier either by the operator or the maintenance crew. Sometimes it occurs from not following safety laws. These acts of negligence by either improper control of the vehicle or improper repair of the vehicle cause a serious risk to those who put their trust in the business to get them to their destination safely. Those hurt in a commercial carrier accident caused by the negligence of one of the employees have a right to recover for both their physical and emotional injuries.

Often the commercial carrier will be quick to hire qualified representation to negotiate and handle the accident for them, and passengers should do the same. The personal injury attorneys at Salcido Law Firm are experienced in representing commercial vehicle accident victims and can help them receive reasonable compensation for their injuries.

Many Passengers Different Needs

Usually commercial carrier accidents involve a great number of passengers with varying degrees of injury all based on the same claim. Although it is the same claim, personal representation is the best solution for every passenger who wishes to maximize their own claim because each passenger’s injuries will involve a different recovery. Group settlements are in the best interest of the owner of the commercial vehicle and often companies will seek to apply these quickly to cover every passenger. Group settlements do not allow each individual’s needs to be addressed and often can result in an unfair recovery for some of the passengers.

Commercial vehicle accidents can result in injuries to someone we love. Let the experienced personal injury lawyers at Salcido Law Firm help you address your own injuries and negotiate a personal settlement on your behalf. 801.413.1753 or email.