Car Accident Passenger Injuries

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Car Accident Passenger Injuries
Passengers who get injured have claims against negligent parties.

In the questions of who is at fault and liable for the injuries resulting in a car accident there is an innocent bystander who is often injured just as much as the drivers involved: passengers. Car accident passenger injuries can be as bad or worse than the driver’s injuries. Often passengers are not separated from the drivers through a negotiation process because they are friends, family or have some other strong relationship. Yet at the same time passengers have different interests than the drivers or their insurance companies and often their needs are not addressed without having their own representation. Passengers in a vehicle accident are victims of that accident just like any other and deserve to have their rights and claims address fully. The experienced Utah accident attorneys at Salcido Law Firm want to ensure all victims’ rights are protected by representing clients to the best of our ability for car accident passenger injuries. To do this correctly the passengers of the car should not be represented by someone who is negotiating on behalf of the driver whose interest may be adverse to the passenger.

Multiple Party Negotiation and Litigation

In law there is a rule that attorneys should not represent parties that might not have the same interests without the consent of the people they are going to represent. Many attorneys will get consent from clients like passengers with a driver because they have a similar claim and can recover for both using the same material. However, often this is not as easy as it sounds because the interests of the driver and passenger could be different and as the case moves forward the passenger may be trying to recover from that same driver. In this case the passenger needs their own counsel and anything said to the previous counsel complicates the matter further.

The attorneys at Salcido Law Firm are experienced in representing all victims of car accidents. If you or someone you love have been injured as a passenger in a car accident seek to find your own representation to serve your interests and not the interests of someone else. For more information about how Salcido Law Firm can best represent you, help you recover compensation, and provide you with excellent legal advice please contact a personal injury attorney at 801.413.1753 for a free consultation or email us.