Bike Accident Injury Attorney

Bike Accident Injury Attorney
Cars need to share the road with cyclists.

A Bike Accident Injury Attorney Could Mean the Difference Between Recovering and Not

Riding a bike provides an excellent source of exercise as well as diversion but sometimes injuries occur as a result of someone else’s negligence and those cases require a bike accident injury attorney.  It is also an activity that everyone from young children to the aged adult and which families can enjoy together. Years ago most people did not wear helmets while riding a bike and most parents didn’t even think to have their children strap on protective head gear to engage in such a simple activity.  That has since changed as more people are becoming aware of the danger of riding a bike without a helmet.

With the way in which children play, race, and jump with their bikes over homemade ramps or the sidewalk curb and with the way adult bikers ride downhill on mountain sides or on the small shoulder of a busy road it is no wonder that there are thousands of bicycle injuries every year.

Self-Imposed Safety Precautions Are Not Always Sufficient

It is smart to wear a helmet, use bicycle hand signals, and keep your eye out for danger, but your own recognition of the need to be safe does not always prevent injury.  One common bicycle injury is when a car hits a biker.  Generally this occurs because the car is not watching out for bikers and does not share the road.  Car accidents with bikes can result in serious injuries which require much medical attention.

Other biker injuries may occur on private or public roads where the roads were not adequately maintained.  Perhaps you hit a pot hole which threw you off the bike and injured your head, neck, and back.  There are numerous other ways that a bike accident injury can occur some of which may require the services of a good lawyer like those at Salcido Law Firm.

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