100 Car Accidents in Utah on Sunday

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The latest storm that swept in Saturday night and lasted till Sunday afternoon this past weekend caused many drivers in Salt Lake and Utah County to slide off the road or crash. In fact, over 100 auto accidents were reported on Sunday alone in Salt Lake and Utah County. State wide the number was far higher. Every winter Utah sees more than its fair share of winter auto accidents. Our winters are especially unpredictable and with an ever rising number of people on the road, the number of winter accidents is sure to rise. If you or someone you love was injured by a negligent driver who failed to properly operate his/her vehicle during bad weather, you have rights and options and should speak with a Utah Personal Injury Attorney from our office as soon as possible.

Why so many accidents in 1 day?

The storm that came through over the weekend was especially bad for drivers as snow mixed with high winds resulted in low visibility for most drivers. Additionally, with the holiday weekend, more travelers were on the road, many of which were returning home, some probably anxious to get home and not driving safe for conditions. The weather on Saturday night through Sunday morning was not only snowy but icy and freezing cold.

Warnings from State Troopers

Today, Utah State Troopers issued general warnings to the public about winter driving. Probably the most important thing to remember when operating a motor vehicle is to slow down and give yourself plenty of room to stop. Drivers often fail to anticipate when they are going to have to stop and slow down. Slamming on your breaks is almost never advisable under icy and snowy conditions.

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We caution all drivers to slow down and drive safe this winter. At out law firm, we see many accidents every winter. Some accidents involve serious injuries and in some cases even death. In many instances, these tragic accidents could have been avoided if the other driver would have acted properly in operating their vehicle. For individuals injured by the negligent acts of others on the road, there is help. A Utah Personal Injury Lawyer at Salcido Law Firm can help you through the difficult process of obtaining justice after a life changing accident. Call us today at 801.413.1753.

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