Personal Injury Appeals

The Appeals Court Process

The general framework of American jurisprudence is based on having an opportunity to have your case decided by multiple courts. If you don’t like the decision of the lowest court, the trial court, then you can appeal that decision. However, its a little more complicated than that, because a party must have more reason than just not liking the decision to initiate an appeal, especially if they want to win on appeal. The court of appeals, or the appeals court, is the second court in the chain of review, and they can review the trial courts decision to make sure they did everything correctly.

Personal Injury Appeals

In the arena of personal injury law very few cases ever go to trial. Because of the increased costs of taking a case to trial and through litigation most parties either settle or decide not pursue the claim at all. For those cases that do actually go to trial even fewer get appealed, again because of the costs associated with such efforts. However, in certain cases, such as wrongful death suits, parties are obviously motivated to take the case as far as it needs to go, and appeals are often filed and won. Most times winning on appeal simply means that you get another chance at the trial level, but it is much more likely that the winning party on appeal remains the winning party at the trial level.

Utah Personal Injury Attorney

If you have a case that you think should be taken to trial or that you think should be appealed then call Salcido Law Firm for help. Our experienced trial attorneys are well versed in personal injury law and can help you understand your options and what the likely outcomes may be. We offer free consultations and can answer most of your questions with no cost to you, so call or email us today.

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