Pedestrian Accident in Bountiful

A 49 year old man was hit while crossing the street a few days ago in Bountiful, Utah. At Salcido Law Firm, we have reported on many pedestrian accidents throughout the past several years. A Utah injury lawyer at our office can answer your questions. There seems to be more an more accident involving individuals crossing the street or on bicycles on the road. We all need to keep a better lookout for not only other drivers, but especially for those walking along our roads and highways. The man was crossing the road on Orchard Dr. There was no crosswalk where he was crossing and there was no stop sign or stop light. The police know who the man is but have been unable to locate any family members or find out where he lives. The driver did not attempt to hit and run and was cooperative with police although police indicate he was clearly shaken up. The man who was hit was taken to the hospital and remains in critical condition. Are hearts go out to this man and his friends and family.

If you are injured in a pedestrian auto accident or other car wreck, you should contact a Utah personal injury law firm as soon as possible to ensure your rights are protected through the recovery process. We again caution all drivers in Utah, especially during the winter months, to take care in keeping a proper lookout on the roads. While less pedestrians are out walking the streets in the winter months, it still remains a risk.

Call Salcido Law Firm today to get help in recovering after an accident. We provide free consultations with a Utah personal injury attorney and we can be reached anytime at 801.413.1753. Also, you pay us nothing unless we win for you. All of our personal injury and medical malpractice cases are done on a contingency basis.

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