Parental Alienation

Parental Alienation occurs when a child rejects a parent or expresses unjustified hatred toward a parent, not as a result of anything the alienated parent has actually done, but as a result of the other parent’s negative influence on the child. Unfortunately, as Utah Divorce Attorneys we can tell you this happens often when couples are wrapped up in lengthy custody disputes. Custody fights can sometimes bring out the worst in people. Both parents in a divorce should constantly be thinking of how to place the children’s best interests at the forefront of everything. However, many litigants become selfish and can’t see past their own wants whether the issues are custody, child support, alimony, or anything else. The truth is, most judges are incredibly savvy and understand parental alienation. You should assume a Judge will know when a parent’s arguments are justified or merely intended at ruining a child’s relationship with the other parent. Parties to a divorce should be aware of how damaging parental alienation can be to not only their children but their own interests involved in the case. If a judge determines you made false allegations against your soon to be ex or alienated the other parent’s relationship with the children, you will inevitably pay the price in the way the judge rules on just about everything related to the kids.

Winning Against a Lying Spouse

If you find yourself involved in a custody dispute where the other spouse is disparaging you in front of the children or otherwise destroying your relationship with the kids, you need to fight back in an organized and intelligent manner. Having your own children turn on you can be devastating. You need to separate your emotion in order to be as effective as possible in your defense. Hiring a Salt Lake City Custody Lawyer to represent you under these circumstances is imperative. We understand how important your parental rights may be in a divorce so we will be as effective as possible to help you win back the love and affection of your children as well as your much needed court ordered custody. Call us today for immediate help.

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