Online Dating Associated with Lower Divorce Rates and Higher Satisfication

One interesting study reported on by Huffington indicates couples who met online and later married may have a slightly higher rate of marriage satisfaction. This seems to fly in the face of what many people culturally believe to be true about online dating and lasting relationships. You may have seen the online dating commercials which state 1 in 3 relationships are formed online. This is an alarming statistic but when you step back and think about it, it is not that crazy to believe at all. Think of the millions of social media profiles that exist. More and more people are forming all kinds of relationships online and some people are interacting almost solely online with others. No doubt facebook is responsible for many marriages. Then again, facebook activities probably account for an equal or more amount of divorces. However, online dating and the rise in marriages resulting from online relationships is not only attributable to social media. In the past 10 years, online dating sites such as and have grown considerably  and the stigmas associated with online dating seem to have all but disappeared.

Divorce Rates and Online Dating

Quite remarkable in addition to the martial satisfaction statistic mentioned above, is the other statistic which suggests married couples who first met online have a lower divorce rate than traditional couples. It is hard to say what may be contributing to these lower rates for online daters but there are couple of ideas discussed in one article regarding this very subject. First, some researchers believe potential partners may simply be more honest with each other online which creates a lower possibility for surprise and future conflict following marriage. Second, some suggest you can be more selective in dating online since the dating pool may be much larger than let’s say your place of employment or local community. Moreover, online daters just might be more serious about finding a partner that works. Many people turn to online dating only after having trouble through more traditional means and possibly going through a number of relationships that didn’t work. Even though these statistics may be interesting, one should remember that where you may meet your future spouse may be only 1, out of many, contributing factors in finding a good match.

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