Not All Slip and Fall Victims are Entitled to Compensation

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Property Owners Not Always Liable for Slip and Fall Accidents

An extremely common kind of accident in Utah that can cause serious personal injury is slipping on a wet or otherwise slippery floor, stair, or ground, or tripping over something on a floor or the ground.  These type of accidents are referred to as slip and fall accidents.  It is a normal part of living for things to fall or drip on the floor or ground.  Some things in the ground even serve a useful purpose such as a drainage grate.

The owner or occupant of a property cannot, therefore, always be liable for immediately picking up or cleaning every dangerous surface on the floor.  A property owner is not always responsible for a personal injury arising from a slip or trip on something that an ordinary person should expect to find on the ground or should see and avoid.  Everyone has an obligation to watch where he or she is walking.

When a Property Owner is Liable in Utah

There is no precise way to explain when an owner of property is going to be legally liable for a personal injury arising from a slip and fall.  This is why it is important for those who have suffered a personal injury  from a slip and fall accident to contact a Utah personal injury lawyer.  Each slip and fall case turns on whether the owner acted carefully so that guests were not likely to slip and fall.  The case also depends on whether the individual who suffered the personal injury was careless in not seeing nor avoiding the thing he or she fell on.

For the owner or his/her employees to be held liable for a slip and fall accident he or she: 1). Must have caused the dangerous surface or item to be under foot; and 2). Must have known the dangerous material or object was underfoot and did nothing about it; or 3.) Should have known the dangerous material was on the ground because a reasonable person taking care of the property would have discovered and removed the dangerous item.

Utah Personal Injury Lawyer Help Victims of Slip and Fall Accidents

If you have suffered a personal injury from a slip and fall accident, and you wonder if you are entitled to receive compensation for your injury, call a Utah personal injury lawyer from Salcido Law Firm. A Salcido Law Firm personal injury lawyer will evaluate your case and determine whether the owner of the property is liable for your injuries.  Call 801.413.1753 for your free consultation with a Utah personal injury lawyer from Salcido Law Firm.

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