New Crib Standards Go Into Effect

The Dangers of the Crib

Yesterday new standards went into effect to try and keep Utah babies safer. Cribs have been known to be dangerous in the past but most parents don’t realize how dangerous. In 2009 over a 100 infants that were injured in a crib ended up dying. The big issues is that children will get their head stuck between the slats of the crib, or will be injured from the drop-down side. Drop-down sides were installed into cribs as a convenience factor. As the children get bigger and harder to lift parents would simply drop the side of the crib down to make it easier removing the child. That small convenience factorh as proved to be a big mistake and is now a feature that will keep a crib off the market.

A New Standard

Under the new standards that went into effect yesterday, it is illegal for any retailer or private individual to sell a crib that does not meet certain requirements. Cribs must now have strengthened crib slats, strengthened mattress supports, anti-loosening devices, and cannot have drop-down sides.

How it Effects You

Two important things about this new regulation could apply to you. The first thing to note is that this new standard doesn’t just apply to retailers, private sellers also must make sure they are not selling a crib that is not up to snuff. The second thing is that parents need to educate themselves as to what is safe. If you have already had an accident or injury from a crib than make sure you understand your rights. The manufacturer, distributor, or seller may be liable for the harm they have caused you, and you could be entitled to help recovering from your losses. Call us to speak with a Salt Lake City or Provo Personal Injury Attorney today.

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