Medical Marijuana On the Way in Utah?

UtahCARE Advocating Medical Cannibis

It’s bound to happen, right? With more states every year seeming to jump on the medical marijuana bandwagon, many believe it is only a matter of time before the  was bound to happen.  The movement for medical marijuana is gaining more traction in the state.  A group called UtahCARE (Utah Cannibis Awareness Respect and Education) has become the first grass roots organization in the state to actively pursue and be dedicated to the legalization of medical cannibis.

The group is meeting at events such as farmer’s markets to educate farmers, individuals, and businesses on the benefits of medical marijuana.  They are also obtaining signatures, presumably to present to elected officials in hopes of persuading them to change their stances on marijuana.

Reflections on Prohibition

Medical marijuana is akin to the medical alcohol that doctors could prescribe during prohibition.  More and more science is showing that cannibis can be used to relieve pain and otherwise benefit individuals sick with cancer and other painful diseases.  An exception for the use of marijuana as a medical drug would be in line with our country’s making exceptions for prohibited drugs in the medical sense.  Current pharmaceutical drugs can only be used with a prescription.  Presumably, the use of cannibis would need a prescription as well as is the case in California and Colorado currently.

No respect for Other State’s Marijuana Law

At Salcido Law Firm our marijuana defense lawyers help clients who have medical marijuana licenses from other states who have been charged with possession of a controlled substance in Utah.  Utah does not recognize the medical marijuana licenses of other states and so having marijuana in Utah, even though it is perfectly legal in the other state, is a crime here.  Some prosecutors are a little more lenient when they see the defendant has a medical marijuana license from another state, but other prosecutors believe that marijuana is Satan’s tool of crime and so they will prosecute the case to the utmost degree.

Who knows? In the near future, Utah may adopt medical cannibis and pot smokers can rest a little more sound knowing they can smoke in their basement without having to worry about going to jail for getting a little buzzed on weed.

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