Orem Plastic Surgeon Faces Medical Malpractice Suit

Incidents of medical malpractice in Utah are more common than some people realize. Some cases of medical negligence are so egregious it is almost hard to believe some stories are real. Take for instance the Orem plastic surgeon that was recently charged with gagging his girlfriend and leaving her in a closet. Not only is this doctor facing serious criminal charges, this same doctor is now facing a serious medical malpractice law suit in the Fourth District Court in Provo. The plaintiff in the case alleges, among other things,  the doctor left her seriously disfigured after a botched tummy tuck and liposuction procedure. The victim even claims the doctor used a “pickle fork” to pock her stomach and try and workout the tissue. The doctor surrendered his medical license and admitted to being seriously addicted to pain medications. The woman is seeking high damages against the doctor who also failed to take other post operative measures to ensure the woman would properly heal. On one occasion when the patient entered the Orem doctor’s office, the doctor was allegedly sprawled out on the office floor with his eyes glazed over. The law suit further indicates the staff tried to cover up for the doctor by claiming he had just undergone a medical procedure and was not feeling well. More on this bizarre story can be found on KSL.

Injuries From Botched Surgeries

At Salcido Law Firm, we have represented numerous individuals who have been victim to a doctor’s botched surgery. We have seen it all from gauze and instruments being left in a patient following surgery to incorrect procedures being performed or even wrong limbs being worked on. If you or someone you love has been the victim of medical malpractice in Utah, call a Utah medical malpractice lawyer in our office to get started on your defense. Utah has time limits in which patients must bring their claims so don’t delay. We will work hard on your behalf to get you and your family the justice you deserve.

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