Medical Bills and Bankruptcy in Utah

Utah Bankruptcy Attorney

As health care costs throughout the country continue to rise, more and more Americans are incurring medical debts they simply cannot afford to pay. The combination of a tough economic climate and increased medical bills can mean financial disaster for many families in Utah. Fortunately, there is help. More and more individuals are turning to bankruptcy as a means of resolving mountains of medical debts and getting a fresh start. At Salcido Law Firm, a Utah Bankruptcy Attorney on our team can help you resolve medical bills and file for bankruptcy in Utah.

Medical Bills Common Reason for Bankruptcy

Recent reports suggest medical bills may be the most common reason for personal Chapter 7 bankruptcy filings in previous years. Indeed, many of the clients that come to our law office to discuss bankruptcy options are often most concerned with the high amount of medical debt they have accrued. In some cases, our clients are facing garnishments or other means of collections from health care billing companies. When a client hires us to represent them through a bankruptcy, we stop garnishments for medical bills and give our clients the fresh start so many of them desperately need.

Why File for Bankruptcy?

Why are so many people in Utah hiring Salcido Law Firm to file their bankruptcy when they have medical bills that can’t be paid? There are many reasons. Some of the most common reasons why so many people are hiring our team of Utah Bankruptcy Lawyers to discharge their medical bills includes:

  • No Insurance. The reality is that not everyone has medical insurance or do not have adequate medical insurance to cover every medical procedure and treatment. For those who go uncovered, medical bills and can get extremely high. Without insurance or without adequate insurance, many people in Utah are feeling the pinch of high medical bills without any hope of being able to pay them off.
  • Unknown Billing Procedures. When you leave a hospital, you likely have no idea how what your total medical expense is going to be, or how you are going to be billed. Often, medical bills don’t start showing up in the mail until months later. It can also be unclear what your paying or when payments may be due. This uncertainty in medical billing practices prevents many patients from budgeting for medical bills.
  • Unemployment. With the economy taking a recent turn for the worst, the unemployment rate in Utah and the country as a whole has skyrocketed. Since more individuals are unemployed, more people are going without insurance and are also unable to pay for medical expenses.

 Clear Your Medical Debt – Call for a Free Consultation

If you are someone you know has a mountain of medical debt they just can’t seem to get out from under, call Salcido Law Firm today. A Utah Bankruptcy Attorney at our office can help you through the process of clearing your medical debt and starting fresh. We offer free consultations and can be reached anytime 24/7. Don’t wait, get the fresh start you deserve now: 801.413.1753.

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