Magna Man Fights For Gas Container Safety

Tragic Accident Leads to Litigation, Safety Reform

In December of 2005 David Calder had taken his son and daughter camping near the Uintahs. While trying to start a fire in the stove of their trailer Calder used some gas to try and get the wet wood to ignite. As Calder poured the gas the container he was using caught fire and exploded. The trailer was engulfed in flames and Calder and her children were all on fire. Calder attempted to save his children and extinguish the flames but he and his son were severely burned and his 2 1/2 year old daughter died in the trailer. Since the accident Calder has filed suit against the manufacturer for defective design, and is trying to get the gas container manufacturers to add an inexpensive piece of wire mesh called a flame arrester to containers making accidents like his less likely.

Product Liability Suit

With a suit in products liability a plaintiff is alleging that the manufacturer of a product was negligent and did not provide the consumer with a safe product. In Calder’s case the jury ended up agreeing with him and awarded him $4.3 million dollars in damages, which was a reduced amount because the jury found that Calder was 30% liable for the accident. The damages were so high because Calder’s daughter passed away in the accident and wrongful death suits normally involve high award values for obvious reasons. Calder has not received this award of damages from the manufacturer however because the manufacturer is currently appealing the case.

Utah Personal Injury Attorney

If you’ve been injured in a tragic accident like the one described above then you may be able to obtain relief from the responsible party. Personal injury suits are not immoral and are simply an attempt to make an at-fault party take responsibility for their mistakes. Call Salcido Law Firm today, for help with your personal injury case. Our experienced attorneys can get you the results you deserve.

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