Logan Family Looks to Sue Pharmaceutical Company

The family of a Janine Ward has filed suit against ALZA, a pharmaceutical company owned by Johnson & Johnson, claiming the company made a faulty pain relief patch. Ward was taking the pain reliever fentanyl through a transdermal patch that the complaint alleges was faulty and caused Ward’s death. The patch allegedly leaked lethal amounts of the pain killer into Ward’s system, an accusation the family supports with a toxicology report. One of the reported benefits of transdermal patches is that they provide a controlled release of medication into the patient either through a porous membrane covering a reservoir of medication or through body heat melting thin layers of medication. Obviously, the family in this scenario is claiming that this patch didn’t deliver on that benefit.

Product Liability and Harmful Pharmaceuticals

All products in the market could be potentially harmful in some shape or farm and because of the possibility of unsafe products, the area of product liability suits provides the general populace with a way to keep companies honest and vigilant in providing safe products to consumers. This idea of product liability is even more important in a field such as pharmaceutics where the potential injuries can be very serious or even fatal, as in the case above. Furthermore, even if a pharmaceutical product is approved by the FDA a person can still bring suit under state law.

Utah Harmful Drugs Lawyer

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