Lehi Roller Mills Files For Bankruptcy Last Month

Lehi Roller Mills, one of the most recognizable land marks in Utah County filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection in Utah last month. The company has reportedly been in financial trouble since 2009. A short time ago, the company’s accounts were frozen and their line of credit withdrawn. Apparently a law suit was filed against Lehi roller Mills in 2012 by employees of the company after they were not paid for several weeks. The law suit was withdrawn after the employees were eventually paid, this according to KSl and other news reporting agencies. Lehi Roller Mills is not alone. Many food service and food production companies have been forced to file bankruptcy over the past few years of the recession. Farmer and other small agriculture companies have also struggled in certain sectors of the agriculture economy. Since Lehi Roller Mills made its bankruptcy announcement, many people throughout the community have gone to the main street location to purchase their famous flour and mixes to support them through these tough times. Many people know the famous mills as one of the many Utah sites used in the film Footloose (the original version not the remake). The company anticipates being able to reorganize their debt and remain in business.

Bankruptcy Process in Utah

While Lehi Roller Mills is going through a Chapter 11 reorganization bankruptcy, most individuals file under either a Chapter 7 complete discharge of debt, or a Chapter 13 in Utah. Relatively few businesses file for bankruptcy each year compared to the many individual and family filings that occur. The Bankruptcy Process in Utah for individuals is simplified when an attorney is involved. Having a Salt Lake City Bankruptcy Lawyer represent you and your family in discharging your debts helps to ensure you get through the process quickly and effectively. If you do not have a lawyer, the process can be difficult. There is at least one appearance you will have to make with the trustees office and not having all your ducks in a row can lead to the dismissal of your case all together costing you added  fees and time.

Provo Bankruptcy Law Firm

Call our Provo Bankruptcy Law Firm today if you have any questions about getting on the road to financial freedom. We also have an office in Salt Lake and St. George so we proudly serve clients anywhere in the state of Utah. We love local business like Lehi Roller Mills and try to support them as much as possible. We also try to aid our community and provide free consultations to those in need. So pick up the phone and speak with one of our Bankruptcy Attorneys in Utah now. We look forward to your call.

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