Healthcare Costs and Lawsuits

Insurance Companies, managed-care organizations, doctors associations and other special interests groups in the health care industry seeking malpractice-liability “reforms” have sought to shift the blame for medical malpractice premiums on to the civil justice system. These same advocates often go as far as to blame the alarming lack of access to affordable, quality healthcare in the United States onto malpractice victims and their attorneys. These special interest groups have engaged in heavily funded campaigns to convince the public that rising health care costs are a direct result of a rise in merit less medical malpractice claims. However, these assertions are not based on careful analysis but on unfounded claims, fears, and misinformation which has had the unfortunate effect of discouraging many patients from pursuing well justified claims involving serious injuries caused by negligent health care providers.

In the face of such claims it’s important to look at the facts. A report by the Institute of Medicine, the nation’s most respected adviser on medical science, found preventable medical errors to be the eighth-leading cause of death in the U.S., contributing to up to 98,000 deaths annually. A study by the New England Journal of Medicine found that 13 out of every 100 patients are subjected to medical malpractice. Several studies suggest that for every 25 patients who are injured by a negligent doctor, only 1 of those patients will ever file a law suit.

America does indeed face a healthcare crisis in the form of widespread medical errors that often go unrecognized and uncorrected. Far too many doctors are injuring their patients, this is the real crisis. Additionally, the country faces a medical insurance crisis as insurance companies and special interest groups have succeeded in distracting legislative and public attention away from the real problems in the medical and insurance industries.

Do not let the rehtoric of the lobbyists and special interest groups of the medical and insurance industries prevent you from pursuing a justified claim. If you or someone you know have been seriously injured by negligent health care providers, the Utah Medical Malpractice Attorneys at SLF can help. Call us today and get protected!

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