Ginger Bread Houses Cause Food Poisoning Injuries

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Are you one of the unlikely few suffering from food poisoning over Christmas? The Utah food poisoning lawyers at Salcido Law Firm have learned the culprit may be a particular brand of ginger bread houses. Every year, there are thousands of injuries resulting from food poisoning. Every Christmas, there are a few Christmas treats that we all know and love that cause food poisoning injuries. This year, the culprit may be a brand of ginger bread houses sold at local Utah Whole Foods Markets.Local news agencies reported yesterday that pre assembled ginger bread houses sold by the Illinois based Rolf’s Patisserie, locally through Whole Foods, are among several desserts being recalled by the FDA this holiday season due to reports of food poisoning. In fact, all desserts made by this company have been recalled, not just the holiday treats. Several individuals across the country have reported Staphylococcus aureus food poisoning sickness after eating the ginger bread homes and other treats.

Symptoms of Food Poisoning

The symptoms being reported by victims of the bad ginger bread houses include severe nausea and stomach cramping, diarrhea, and vomiting. Many people do not realize that food poisoning can be serious and often lead to long term complications, especially for those individuals who may be older or are already in bad health. Symptoms can be severe and cause great discomfort and in some cases require immediate attention from a doctor.More than 100 cases of severe food poisoning from these ginger bread homes were reported in the last few days. Most of the cases have occurred in Wisconsin and Illinois. The FDA has recommended disposing of any desserts made by the company. The company is working with restaurants and grocery stores across the country to remove their products from the shelves.

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