Get Your Tax Return and Declare Bankruptcy in Utah

Keep Your Tax Return

Historically in the months of October, November, and December the amount of bankruptcy filings in Utah decrease.  The reason for this is because tax return season begins in January and if a bankruptcy is pending when your tax return comes back the bankruptcy trustee will confiscate the entire return and then distribute the funds to your creditors.

We recommend that you keep your tax return — your hard earned money that the government steals from you and then reluctantly gives back to you.  You need to keep every dime possible so that you will have funds for groceries, rent, and basic living expenses.  For that reason we advise many individuals who are thinking about filing bankruptcy that they wait until they get their tax return back, and until after they have spent their tax return, to file.

Declaring Bankruptcy in Utah

You may be expecting a tax return in the near future, but you also may be experiencing severe financial problems and have an overload of debt.  As a result you may be looking at bankruptcy as an option to relieve you of your financial stress.  If this describes your situation, give us a call, after you have received your tax return. We can then get you in a for a consultation to get you started on the road that leads toward financial freedom.

We Are Utah’s Bankruptcy Law Firm

Our bankruptcy attorneys will get you back on track and help you keep your tax return.  We will make the process as quick and painless as possible so that you can clear your debts and once again move forward in your life without the hassle of having to worry about getting a phone call from a creditor or getting served a summons in a lawsuit for debt collection.

Call our Salt Lake City bankruptcy law firm at (801) 413-1753 to schedule a time to sit down with a bankruptcy lawyer.

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