Foreclosuregate in Utah

Allegations of banks and lenders making mistakes in foreclosure documents have caused great concern for many Americans. Some of the alleged mistakes resulted from officials at these banks and firms signing thousands of foreclosure documents without even really looking through them. Some of these allegations claim that the foreclosure documents are improper, and some have even gone so far to claim that portions of the documents are missing.

Rumor has it that the documentation problems are getting worse and we may not be able to learn the full story for a much longer time. Though these allegations should be enough to completely freeze foreclosures until everything is settled and taken care of, foreclosures will continue. Last week Washington declared that it is within the banks and lenders rights to continue with foreclosures despite these allegations. Bank of America jumped right back into foreclosing properties.

Utah Foreclosures Going Up

Unfortunately, some states are at greater risk than others for a continued rise in foreclosures.  Utah is a major target for foreclosures at this time. The rise of bankruptcy filings in Utah is evidence of the struggles that many people are having these days and with those financial struggles come the difficulty of holding on to your home.

Affordable Utah Bankruptcy Law Firm

If you are facing financial struggles and have a foreclosure looming in the near future it is important to learn what is happening and what options you have.  You can do that by contacting a Salcido Law Firm bankruptcy lawyer.  Bankruptcy may be an option for you to save your house.  In this time of uncertainty let a competent attorney protect you. Foreclosure is becoming an epidemic, but if you get an experienced law firm on your side you will be able to better be able to protect yourself from becoming infected.

If you are at risk of losing your home due to foreclosure, call 801.413.1753 to schedule a free consultation with one of our bankruptcy attorneys.

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