Fed’s Quantitative Easing Will Increase Utah Bankruptcy Filings

In a desperate attempt to heal the failing economy, the Federal Reserve has announced plans to inject hundreds of billions of dollars into the U.S. financial system.  This will allow the Fed to print money of $600 billion which will allow them to buy Treasury bonds. This action is intended to make it cheaper for Americans to borrow money and take out loans that will allow them to take out mortgages or refinance their homes. The Federal Reserve claims this desperate act of quantitative easing was a result of the high unemployment rate and extremely low inflation.

America has been aware and open about its suffering economy for some time now. Jobs are scarce and money is becoming worth less every time the Fed does something to try and “fix” the economy. The more the Fed prints money out of thin air, the less valuable our paper money becomes.

The Fed’s Quantitative Easing Will Worsen the Economy and Increase Bankruptcies

The Fed’s new plan has some major risks. It will certainly increase inflation which will cause prices generally to go up and the dollar to decline. In fact there is risk of this act putting the economy into a greater recession. The more the Fed devalues the dollar the easier it is for the economy and individuals to become burdened with more debt.

The Fed’s quantitative easing in no way helps the major bankruptcy and foreclosure epidemic that is sweeping over the nation. Individuals are suffering because of the nation’s economical situation.

We Can’t Change the Fed’s Poor Policies But We Can Help You Start Fresh With a Utah Bankruptcy

In this time of financial insecurity it is not necessary for you to suffer through it alone. Through a Utah bankruptcy attorney you can rid yourself of your debt and work toward accomplishing your financial goals even when the nation is undergoing its own financial stress. Our Salt Lake bankruptcy lawyers at Salcido Law Firm are aware of the financial situation that the nation is suffering from and we are prepared to help you get through these tough economic times.

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