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Criminal Records in Utah can be Expunged

People make mistakes throughout their lifetime.  Some mistakes are are more serious and longer lasting than others.  This is especially true when it comes to criminal mistakes.  Any time a person is arrested, charged, or convicted of a criminal offense in Utah, such as possession of marijuana or a DUI, there is a record kept of the proceedings against the individual.  Fortunately for many, however, Utah law allows for many mistakes that were criminal to be expunged.  Criminal records do not have to follow a person forever, and through the help of a Utah Expungement Lawyer, a criminal record can be expunged.

Expungement Process for School and other Academic Reasons

Many people commit criminal offenses when they are young and don’t understand the implications a criminal record can have on their future academic endeavors.  Many school programs, such as nursing programs, require students to pass a criminal background check.  If a person does not pass the back ground check though, his or her future ability to stay in a school program is jeopardized.  Having a Utah criminal record expunged by a Utah Expungement Lawyer allows students to pass a background check and to continue on with their academic pursuits.

The expungement process is not a quick process.  Too often students will frantically call a Utah Expungement Lawyer in hopes that their criminal record can be expunged immediately so they can be accepted into a school program such as nursing.  The soonest a record can be expunged though, is four months, but it can take upwards of up to six months depending on the court and prosecutor over the original criminal matter.  Because getting into a school or specific academic program occurs at certain time of the year, a person does not want to get rejected because of failing to clear a background check and then have to wait, sometimes for a year, to get into the school or program again.

Make Sure Your Expungement is Done Correctly

If you have any type of criminal record and need it expunged for school or other academic reasons, call a Utah Expungement Lawyer from Salcido Law Firm.  The Expungement process takes many months and you don’t want to prolong the process because you handled the process yourself and did something wrong that sets you back by weeks.  Our attorneys will handle the entire process for you, making it stress free and ensuring it is done correctly.  Call 801.413.1753 to see if you qualify for an expungement.


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