Experts in Personal Injury Claims

Good experts are essential to most personal injury claims. An expert is a person qualified in a certain field to testify as to a relevant issue in your case. For example, let’s say you were involved in a serious car accident in which a truck driver fell asleep at the wheel and side swiped you off the road. As a result you suffered a traumatic brain injury along with other physical injuries that left you unable to ever work in the same capacity or enjoy the same quality of life. Under such circumstances, an expert personal injury attorney would need to assemble a team of experts to testify to such things as the extent of your injuries, the degree to which you have been financially impacted as a result of the injuries, the standard of care of a truck driver under the circumstances, etc. The case may require a financial expert, a number of physicians, a long term care provider, and more. These experts help provide data to a jury to help evaluate your claim. A good attorney knows how important this is and understands that qualified experts giving opinions favorable to your case can mean all the difference in a jury’s award or in a settlement.

Expert Opinions on Damages

One area that is often overlooked in a personal injury claim is the necessity of good experts on damages. At our law firm, we often employ Ph.D economic experts to help evaluate the real costs involved with certain injuries. Some experts fail to account for long term costs or other matters not readily foreseeable. This can result in lower settlements so it is important for attorneys and clients to get full evaluations of what their future economic harms may be following an accident or injury. This not only includes future medical care and lost wages, but can also include future promotions, future wage increases, retirements numbers, inflation numbers, etc.

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