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Cell phones make our lives easier in so many ways.  We have virtually any information at our fingertips because of cellular devices.  With any new device or product though, the government usually regulates its use in some way.  Cell phones are no exception.  In the past several years, most states in the country have passed laws restricting or regulating cell phone use.  For example, people are now often charged with child pornography or voyeurism because of pictures taken with their cell phone.  Most crimes committed with a cell phone, however, are criminal charges stemming from texting or emailing when driving.  Utah’s law prohibiting texting or emailing while driving is a relatively new law.  It has only been on the books for a few years, but Utah Traffic Lawyers are successfully fighting emailing or texting while driving charges.

The Emailing or Texting While Driving Law

The Utah law prohibiting emailing or texting while driving is actually broader than just restricting the use of email or text messages.  Utah law states that using any handheld device for purposes of emailing, texting, manually entering data into a handheld device, using an app on a handheld device, or reading, sending, and viewing data is prohibited. There are exceptions to the prohibition.  Among the exceptions are using a handheld device for medical emergencies, telephone calls, and GPS services.

The problem individuals run into with using a cell phone is that a police officer can’t know for sure whether someone is using a cell phone in a prohibited manner or whether the person’s use falls under one of the exceptions.  People could be using a handheld device for texting or they could be using it as a GPS device.  It would be impossible for a police officer to determine for sure what a person was doing on his or her phone without being in the car.  Based on a suspicion though, police officers throughout the Wasatch Front and Utah are pulling individuals over for emailing or texting while driving.  It is important for anyone pulled over for using a handheld device while driving to call a Utah Traffic Lawyer to help defend this charge.

Utah Traffic Laywer Protects Rights

If you have been pulled over for violating the Utah law of using a handheld device while driving, call a Utah Traffic Lawyer from Salcido Law Firm.  Our criminal defense attorneys know how to protect your rights.  Utah Defender criminal defense attorneys will fight hard to protect you from the police state.  Call 801-618-1334 to speak with one our criminal defense attorneys today.

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