Don’t Fall Prey to Foreclosure Rescue Scams in Utah

Foreclosure Rescue Scams | Bankruptcy the Real Way to Avoid Foreclosure

With More Foreclosures Come More Scams

The foreclosure crisis in Utah doesn’t seem to be getting much better.  One can practically go into any neighborhood in Utah and see sign after sign of homes for sale that have gone into foreclosure.  With such a large foreclosure market emerging, a large foreclosure rescue industry is emerging as well.  Unfortunately, many of these companies that are trying to help people stop foreclosure are scams with talented con-artists that seek to take people’s hard earned pay.

Those going through foreclosures in Salt Lake, Ogden, Provo, and the rest of Utah may receive an offer of help from a foreclosure rescue company.  The con-artists that run these companies often tell people that they have resources unavailable to HUD approved housing counselors.  They act as if they care about these people and that they want to save people’s homes.  But unlike HUD approved housing counselors, these companies aren’t trying to save people’s homes.  They want to take people’s money.

Utahans Can Avoid Foreclosure Scams

People whose homes are in foreclosure should contact a Utah bankruptcy lawyer so they can stay in their homes instead of relying on a fraudulent company.  To avoid scams, individuals need to be alert and refrain from certain actions.  People should never rely on any oral promise from a foreclosure rescue company.  They should should never sign anything that has blank lines or spaces; information can be inserted later without one’s knowledge.  Someone should never transfer ownership of property to the rescuer or a proposed third party lender.  Finally, individuals should never accept a loan with a high rate of interest as a condition of staying in the house or one they can’t afford.

Someone might be trying to scam you if: He contacts you by phone, mail, or knocks at your door; Provides little or no information about the foreclosure process; Claim government affiliation; Uses affinity marketing; Offer testimonials from other customers; Claims the process is quick and easy-the process is never quick or easy; Tells you to cease all contact with the mortgage lender.

Stop Foreclosure With a Utah Bankruptcy Lawyer

Whether you live in Salt Lake, Ogden, Provo, or any where else in Utah, and you are being threatened with foreclosure, don’t trust someone from a rescue company who appears at your door with a magical answer to your problems.  Inquire about the company and do some research about the validity of their claims.

An even better idea may be to avoid those companies and call a Utah bankruptcy lawyer from Salcido Law Firm.  A Utah debtor protection bankruptcy lawyer can help you stay in your home and avoid foreclosure.  Call 801.413.1753 for a free consultation with a Utah bankruptcy lawyer.

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