Dog Bites Big Brother

14-Year-Old Treated for Puncture Wounds

Earlier this month a 14-year-old boy was walking with his little brother to a church function. The two boys were near 500 south and 1200 west when they saw a pit bull that had broken free from its owner. The pit bull aggressively approached the boys, so the older boy reacted by putting his younger brother on his shoulders and trying to kick the dog away. The dog bit the boys calf and then ran off. The owner of the dog was last seen chasing the dog after the attack, but the police believe they know who the owner is. The boy was treated for puncture wounds and scrapes on his leg and is now recovering.

Dog Bit Lawsuits

Apart from certain laws that are in place for dangerous dogs, the law deals with dog bites by allowing the injured party to sue the responsible party. The owner of the dog is usually considered responsible for the dog’s actions and can be liable to pay compensation for the injuries caused. The compensation can include medical costs (to date, and future), loss of earnings, medication and more. The negligence of the owner may be determined by assessing the actions of the owner and determining whether or not the dog had been aggressive in the past.

Utah Personal Injury Attorney | Dog Bite Cases

If you have been bit by a dog and are suffering injuries and additional expenses because of the accident then you need legal help. You should not be responsible to pay for all of your injuries when the accident was not your fault. With proper legal counsel you can obtain compensation from the dog owner and be able to pay your bills again. Call or email Salcido Law Firm today and set up a free consultation to see how we can help.



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