Debt Collectors Using Facebook to Harass Debtors

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Is there no end to the length creditors will go to harass and intimidate debtors struggling to make their payments? Well there may not be. More reports are circulating in the bankruptcy world describing creditors harassing debtors on their social networks like facebook. The Utah bankruptcy lawyers at Salcido Law Firm are hearing more  and more horror stories in which debtors are being contacted by their creditors online. Once added as friends, the creditors post nasty messages on their wall or send emails to contacts as a means of harassing and intimidating the debtor into paying.

Several years ago, the federal government enacted the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act to prevent unruly creditors from harassing debtors. Indeed, this act protects against these types of unlawful collection practices. If you are being harassed either online or otherwise by a creditor, call us today to get protection.

Caution to Debtors

Debtors who are being hounded by creditors should always beware of the types of messages they are posting online. In some cases, bankruptcy clients have adversary proceedings brought against them by a creditor claiming fraud or some other type of action based on a debtor’s facebook updates or other postings online. Don’t get caught in this trap. If you are in bankruptcy or are planning on filing for bankruptcy, only post messages online you would be comfortable with your creditors reading.

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Recently, a case in Florida was brought against a creditor who was stalking one of his debtors online through facebook. The creditor send emails and other messages to friends and family of the debtor in an attempt to embarrass her. When you file for bankruptcy, the automatic stay prevents any creditors from contacting you or collecting on you in any way. If a creditor has harassed you in violation of the law, we can help.

Are Creditors knocking at your door? Law suits being filed against you? We can help. Our team of highly skilled bankruptcy lawyers in Utah can protect you from unruly creditors and help you get back on your feet. You do not have to be intimidated by the legal process or collections. We are available all day every day. Call now to get a fresh start.

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