Criminally Caused Injuries in Utah Subject to Civil Liability

Utah Criminal Law May Not Compensate Personal Injuries

When someone is hurt by the criminal actions of another, such as through assault, the first reaction most people have is that they should call police.  People hurt by the criminal actions of others  want those who hurt them to be punished for inflicting harm upon them.

Sometimes, however, the criminal law does not do an adequate job to fulfill one’s sense of justice.  The criminal law has stricter requirements to find someone guilty.  The prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a person committed all the elements of the crime for that person to be found guilty of a crime.

Utah Criminal and Civil Law Overlap

What many people in Utah fail to realize is that in addition to being criminally liable for actions, people can also be found civilly liable for any damages they criminally inflict on someone.  The criminal and civil law can overlap.  Whereas the criminal law imposes incarceration or a fine paid to the court, civil law makes a guilty person pay monetary damages to the person who was injured.  Directly receiving money from the perpetrator can help the person hurt by paying for medical bills or to compensate for lifelong personal injuries or damages.  If a person is only held criminally liable, a person affected by criminal actions usually does not receive any compensation for injuries.

Another benefit of holding someone civilly liable in addition to criminally liable (or just civilly liable) is that it is easier to hold someone civilly liable.  To find someone  civilly liable, a lawyer must only prove by a preponderance of the evidence that an act was committed instead of beyond a reasonable doubt like in criminal law.  This is why O.J. Simpson was not found criminally liable for the deaths of his former wife and her boyfriend, but was civilly liable for their deaths.

Utah Personal Injury Lawyers Will Help You Receive Compensation

If you or a loved one has been hurt by the criminal actions of another, call the attorneys at Salcido Law firm.  Salcido Law firm lawyers will help you receive the justice you deserve that the criminal law may be unable to give you.  The personal injury attorneys will work hard to get you the compensation you need to restore your life.  Call them today at 801.413.1753 for a free consultation.


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