Child Hit By Car in Bountiful

A 7 year old child was hit by a car in Bountiful, Utah this morning. The child was trying to cross the street when a motorist hit the child after the child entered the road to pick up a lost item. At the time of entry of this post, the child’s condition is unknown. The child was taken by emergency to the hospital after the accident. We will keep you updated as Salcido Law Firm knows more.

Child Injuries

At our law firm, our team of Utah personal injury lawyers represent children and families affected by these types of negligent cases. Unfortunately, there are many children who are injured each year in Utah due to the negligent actions of others. Common injuries involving children include dog bites, car accidents, and recreational injuries. We take great pride in helping the children of Utah recover from their injuries.

Car Accidents Involving Children

It is sad but true that young children often suffer worse injuries in car accidents due to their size. In some cases, a child is injured by a seat belt or air bag. These can be very difficult times for parents and children alike. At our law firm, we have represented numerous children who have fallen victim to an aggravated injury in a car wreck. If this is your child’s case, we want to help.

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If your child was injured, don’t delay. Call us today for a free consultation. There is no fee unless we win for you. Sometimes a child’s injury will result in life long care and treatment. You should not have to bear these costs alone. You are entitled to recover for your child’s injury. In Utah, parents even have a claim akin to a loss of consortium claim between spouses. Contact us now for more information. You can speak with a Salt Lake City or Provo Personal Injury Attorney today.

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