Car Accidents on the Rise this Summer

Car accidents in Utah are on the rise this summer, warns the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT). After a flurry of automobile wrecks this past week, UDOT is cautioning everyone to slow down and drive safe. On average nationwide, highway fatalities go up 35% during the summer months. This is in large part due to the fact that there are significantly more drivers on the road and particularly the freeways during the summer from May to September. People are driving all across the state for the holidays and are also taking the motorcycles, motor homes, boats, and other recreational vehicles. During this time of year there are a lot more big trucks with trailers on the road and sometimes and unsecured trailer can cause a major pile up in an accident. With major summer holidays coming in the days ahead, we should all be extra careful travelling to and from our destinations. Not only are more drivers taking to the roads, but more individuals are speeding and driving faster than they typically do during the winter months. You may initially think December through February are the most accident prone months during the year across the state with all the snow and generally bad driving conditions. However, in truth, June through August show the highest number of accidents each year for the factors described above.

Driving Safe on Big Trips

If you or your family are heading our for the fourth of July or any of the other holidays this summer, you should be extra cautious. Clear roads and sunny skies don’t mean you can drive fast and excessively break the speed limits without putting yourself and your family in potential harm. Big driving trips out of state can be dangerous if you are not staying aware, awake, and under control. We see many unfortunate accidents each year that could have been avoided. Just last Memorial Day weekend, Utah Highway Patrol reported at least 5 deaths from highway accidents. Many other car wrecks occurred which involved serious injuries but not death. The two best things all of us can do to help avoid negligence on our roads is to follow the speed limits and wear seat belts.

Help After an Accident

After an accident where another driver was at fault, you may be in need of help in dealing with the insurance companies or in making sure your rights are protected. A Utah Personal Injury Attorneys at Salcido at our office is standing by 24/7 to ensure you get the help you need. Injuries sustained in a car accident can sometimes cause you to feel hopeless. We can bring some much needed peace of mind. Do no hesitate to call us, we look forward to helping.

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