“But It Was An Accident”

Many people who have been been injured in a car accident, although through no fault of their own, are often times reluctant to hire an attorney, because “it was an accident.”  They have a misconception that if it was an “accident” no one is at fault, and therefore, each party should be responsible for his own damages.  Such is not the case and this misconception has prevented many people from recovering for their injuries.

Generally speaking, car accidents are always caused by someone’s negligence.  “Negligence” simply means that Party A breached a duty of care that he owed to Party B, causing Party B injury.  It does not mean that Party A acted intentionally or meant to injure Party B.  It simply means that Party A did not act in accordance with his duty.  To put this in perspective, if Party A is driving on an icy road and slides into the back of Party B’s car and injures Party B, Party A was negligent – Party A had a duty to not run into the back of Party B’s car and cause Party B injury.  Party A must make Party B whole for causing him injury.

A person who has been injured in an accident should always contact an attorney.  By hiring an attorney the injured person is merely protecting his rights to be made whole through compensation for the injuries he incurred.  Everyone has a right to not be injured by another person regardless of how that injury occurred.

Hiring an attorney does not make you “litigious” or “selfish” – it makes you smart.  Otherwise, you run the risk of being injured twice – once by the accident and another time by your failure to be compensated for your injuries.  If you have been injured in an accident conact the Utah Car Accident Law Firm to make sure you Get Protected!

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