Brigham City Doc Found Guilty

Doctor Convicted of Illegally Dispensing Painkillers

After deliberating for 18 hours the jury in the case against Dr. Dewey MacKay found him guilty of 40 counts of illegally prescribing pills and not guilty on another 46 counts. Two of the counts they found him guilty on however were in relation to the death of a 55-year-old male patient. During the case the federal prosecutors had argued that MacKay was essentially acting as a drug dealer by not checking patient information and prescribing to patients who had been tagged as doctor shopping or having incidents of drug abuse. MacKay will be sentenced towards the end of October and is looking at the possibility of serious prison time. One of the more serious counts alone carries a minimum sentence of 20 years.

Criminal Case Leading to Civil Case

Although MacKay is probably most concerned with the prison time he will likely be serving, this decision by the court also exposes him to civil suit liability. Those affected by MacKay’s actions could now sue him  for damages, especially in the case where his drug prescribing may have lead to the death of his male patient. Wrongful death suits obviously carry with them a high level of damages because you are essentially attempting to put a dollar amount on the value of a life.

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